Books 1-3

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Book 1: Chapters (hardcopy, 260 pages)
1-Introduction, 2-Principles of erosion and sediment control, 3-Site planning, 4-Design standards and technique selection, 5-Preparation of plans, 6-Site management, 7-Site inspection, 8-Bibliography

Book 2: Appendices A–G (hardcopy, 250 pages)
A-Construction site hydrology and hydraulics, B-Sediment basin design and operation, C-Soils and revegetation, D-Example plans, E-Soil loss estimation, F-Erosion hazard assessment, G-Model code of practice

Book 3: Appendices H–N (hardcopy, 200 pages)
H-Building sites, I-Instream works, J-Road and rail construction, K-Access tracks and trails, L-Installation of services, M-Erosion processes, N-Glossary of terms

(Prepared by Grant Witheridge of Catchments & Creeks Pty Ltd)

Features of Books 1, 2 & 3 include:

  • Clearly defined principles of erosion and sediment control.
  • Guidelines on soil sampling, sample density, and testing requirements.
  • Site planning checklist.
  • Recommended drainage control standard, erosion control standard, and sediment control standard.
  • Rainfall and monthly erosivity values for prominent towns and cities across Australia.
  • Guidelines on the selection of temporary drainage, erosion and sediment control measures.
  • 24-step procedure for the development of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans.
  • 108 example technical notes for use within Erosion and Sediment Control Plans.
  • Detailed checklist for assessing Erosion and Sediment Control Plans.
  • Example “weekly” and “detailed” site inspection checklists.
  • Two methods for assessing the potential erosion hazard of a work site
  • Four model codes of practice: general construction, building sites, instream works, and installation of services.
  • 250 example Development Approval Conditions, for use in the management of land-disturbing activities.
  • Best practice procedures for the performance of instream construction and maintenance activities.