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  • For the Birds

    26th Mar 19

    A project in Hawaii aimed at bringing back habitat for seabirds has, at the same time, restored coastal dune habitat. It’s an effort that’s taken nearly three decades, but it’s paying off in a big way. The birds are wedge-tailed shearwaters, grey and white with a 3-foot wingspan. As this article on the restoration project The post For the Birds appeared first on Forester Network.

  • Going to the Dogs

    19th Mar 19

    If you own a business or manage any part of one, chances are you at least occasionally need to interview and hire employees. The erosion control, landscaping, and construction industries often have a need for seasonal help, so you might even be doing it regularly at certain times of the year. How comfortable you are The post Going to the Dogs appeared first on Forester Network.

  • Imaginary Cities

    12th Mar 19

    SimCity turns 30 years old this year. The video game, which allows players to start from scratch and develop their own metropolis, has influenced a generation of urban planners and designers. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without SimCity,” says one young professional in this Los Angeles Times article. She now works for the The post Imaginary Cities appeared first on Forester Network.

  • Water From Air

    5th Mar 19

    Now that some drought-stricken parts of the country are getting rain, including much of California and Arizona, lots of people think our troubles are over and things are returning to normal. That’s not necessarily the case. As this blog post from the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association explains in detail, although the recent rains have The post Water From Air appeared first on Forester Network.

  • Eyes in the Sky

    26th Feb 19

    Wildfire season is coming—well, it’s never really over—and the US military has some new ideas about how to fight the inevitable blazes that erupt; it’s planning to use artificial intelligence to outsmart them. A couple of weeks ago, the Pentagon announced a pilot project that will use aerial video and still images of fires, mainly The post Eyes in the Sky appeared first on Forester Network.