Any person may become a member of a chapter in Region 2 providing:

  • They are engaged or have a vested interest in the control, mitigation or study of accelerated erosion because of human activities or the consequent degradation of soils and/or pollution of lands and waters by sediment.
  • They subscribe to the purposes, mission and ethics of Region 2 as outlined in a separate document titled “Code of Ethics, International Erosion Control Association, Region 2 Inc.”, pay the applicable annual fees and remain in good standing.
  • They have been nominated for membership through a local chapter as outlined in Clause 5.5. and their nomination has been approved. Note, the decision of the local chapter in acceptance of a person’s nomination shall be final.

Membership in a chapter in Region 2 will also constitute membership in Region 2 and in the Association.

Apart from voting privileges, all members of the Association, Region or a Chapter are entitled to all rights and privileges offered to any other members of the Association, Region or a Chapter.

Members may belong to more than one chapter if they pay the appropriate chapter fees. As such, they have normal voting rights in these chapter and associated regional matters. However, they will be allowed voting rights in relation to IRC issues in only the Region where they normally work and as listed in the Region 2 database as their regular IECA mailing address. IRC issues include voting for membership to the IRC and any changes to the IECA Constitution.

Region 2 shall consist of the following classes of membership: Student, Individual, Corporate, Emerald and Emeritus:

Student Membership:

  • One vote per membership on Region 2 or local chapter matters
  • Digital Subscription to Erosion Control, the IECA’s bi-monthly publication
  • Member discounts to educational events and publications in all chapters and regions of the Association
  • Updates on Region 2 and local chapter activities, publications and other information resources.
  • All application/renewals for student membership must be accompanied by documented proof of their current status. 

Individual Membership:

  • All the membership rights of Student Membership
  • The opportunity to be listed on the Region 2 and local chapter website if there is one.

Corporate Membership:

  • All membership rights of Individual Membership, but with up to two votes per membership on Region 2 or local chapter matters and up to five employees eligible for member discounts to IECA educational events and publications 
  • Attendee lists for the Region 2 or IECA Annual Conference on request.
  • Special Region 2 and local chapter artwork for promotional use 

Emerald Membership:

  • All membership rights of Corporate Membership.
  • A copy of any current proceedings of Conferences held in Region 2 on request. 
  • Special recognition in Region 2 and local chapter newsletters. 

Emeritus Membership:

  • All the membership rights of Individual Membership
  • Emeritus Membership applies for life or until the person ceases to have an active interest in the Association. It shall carry no annual fees. 

Emeritus Membership shall be restricted as follows:

  • To persons who have retired from active service and who have rendered eminent service to the erosion and sediment control industries and the Association

So that the number of persons so honoured shall not exceed 12 at any one time in Region 2.
Nominations for Emeritus Membership can be submitted by Chapter Boards of Directors at any time during the year and will be considered at the first meeting of the Region 2 Board each year. Unsuccessful nominations will not be automatically carried forward from one year to the next, but this should not preclude the renomination of a candidate.