HOLISTIC INTEGRATION - Concept, Design, Construction and Operation

The 9th International Water Sensitive Urban Design Conference and 3rd International Erosion Control Association National Conference will be held from Monday, 19th to Friday, 23rd October, 2015 at Dockside, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney, Australia.

The theme for this year's Conference is 'Holistic Integration: Concept, Design, Construction and Operation'. This year's Conference will explore more effective ways of managing and integrating stormwater, from the concept and design, through to construction and into operation.

This Conference effectively unites three organisations that are all in the business of managing stormwater quality and quantity at various stages of development. Importantly, it adds the construction-phase into the conversation on designing and managing Water Sensitive Urban Design. With better integration of stormwater management at ALL stages, we will hopefully see an end to operational water quality advances being effectively undone by excess pollution during the construction stage.

This year's Conference is sure to be a thought-provoking event that will challenge delegates' thinking and knowledge while expanding their views on holistic water management.