2019 Excellence in Innovation, Contribution, Education (ICE) - WINNER

2019 Excellence in Innovation, Contribution, Education  (ICE) - WINNER

7th Nov 19

Drawing a line in the sand: A practical approach to coastal erosion.
Soil Conservation Service

The Soil Conservation Service (SCS) has developed a collaborative approach to implementing coastal remediation projects, to rectify a disconnect between coastal designers and builders.

In 2016, an east coast low storm eroded Stockton Beach threatening a local surf club. During construction of the wall to protect the surf club, SCS identified the potential for closer collaboration between the designers and the team building the wall.

The project commenced with neither party having a full appreciation of both the technical and practical input required to drive a successful outcome. A more collaborative approach was required to secure an equitable division of risk and to ensure the efficient delivery of the project.

In 2018 a huge storm eroded another section of Stockton Beach, with an old landfill site washing into the sea. In a separate coastal project, designs were finalised to address bank stability concerns in the suburb of Pelican, where a building had previously collapsed into Lake Macquarie.

SCS identified an opportunity to use the experience gained overcoming challenges in 2016 and apply these insights to this next series of coastal projects.

SCS initiated collaboration with clients and designers from the outset of both projects, thereby improving stakeholder cooperation, communication and enabling the optimum outcome for communities living with the threat of coastal erosion