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IECA Global Webinar Series: The Science of Pollution Avoidance - session 1

Hosted by the International Erosion Control Association

Join the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) for The Science of Pollution Avoidance where we will focus on protecting our soil and water resources applying avoidance and mitigation approaches from around the world. This three-part series will examine the circular economy, science behind healthy soils and managing water discharge from construction sites.

Learn from industry leaders as they tackle pollution, while working to avoid impacts to water, promote healthy soil, and care for the environment. Attendees can expect to learn:

  • About a circular economy, looking beyond the current take-make-waste model and the importance to our industry.
  • The science behind healthy soils and vegetation establishment in protecting soil and water resources.
  • How to achieve field compliance before the inspector shows up.
  • Ways to manage water discharge from construction sites to protect the environment.

PDH credits: 3


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Thursday, July 15: 8:00AM Sydney Time
Circular Economy – What is it and how does it impact our industry?
Shonelle Gleeson-Willey, MEnMgmt, Director, Moss Environmental Pty Ltd.

Living systems have been around for a few billion years and will be around for a lot longer. The natural world needs no waste dump or landfill site, instead material flows where one species waste is another’s food. Energy is provided by the sun, things grow and die and the nutrients are returned to the soil. This is the inspiration for a circular economy. As humans we have adopted a linear approach where we take, make, and then dispose. In this presentation we will look into how our waste can build capital rather than reduce it, using examples from the ESC industry, in essence how do we take what we currently have and move towards a true circular economy?

Thursday, July 22: 8:00AM Sydney Time
Managing Water Discharge from Construction Sites
Andrew Earles, Ph.D., P.E., CPESC & Jennifer Keyes, CPESC, Wright Water Engineers, Inc.

Stormwater runoff from construction sites has high potential for water quality impacts due to the accelerated erosion and sediment transport that occurs when a site is disturbed. Potential adverse effects from construction activities are managed through implementation of stormwater control measures (CMs) to reduce erosion, trap sediments, and prevent pollution through site management activities. The presenters will discuss the array of available CMs and share experiences with which practices are most effective and which ones can be problematic. When projects involve work in or near waterways or construction dewatering, one of the most important aspects of an effective stormwater management plan is a water management plan that describes how temporary measures such as diversions, stream crossings, and CMs adjacent to waterways are sized and how they will be implemented and maintained. The presenters will share examples of effective and ineffective water management approaches. Attendees will come away from this webinar with an enhanced understanding of stormwater CMs for erosion control, sediment management, and working in and near waterways and an understanding of the regulatory framework for construction site management in the U.S.

Thursday, July 29: 8:00AM Sydney Time
Challenges and Opportunities of Healthy Soil Management
Alistair Mowat, Eurofins Food & Water Testing New Zealand

An overview of recent scientific literature reviews on the management of soil health. Considers the evolving view of what is a healthy soil, including how it can be measured. Highlights current knowledge relating to plant, animal and microbial activity on soil health, as well as the effects of management practices. Discusses emerging risks, such as micro-plastics, and new approaches to remediation of soil health.

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15th Jul 21

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